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Tire Rotation Service near Lenexa, KS


The Importance of Tire Rotations

You paid good money for your tires, and, considering that strip of rubber is the primary piece supporting your vehicle over the pavement, it makes sense to buy quality tires. Taking care of your tires doesn’t stop once you roll off the Molle Chevrolet parking lot, though. A lot of it’s automatic, thankfully, considering most vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems and filling them up is as easy as driving around the side your favorite gas station, but when was the last time you got your tire rotation service near Lenexa, KS, though?

The rule of thumb is to rotate your tires at the same time you change your oil, or roughly every six months. It may seem silly – what does it matter which tire is on which side? They’re all going to wear. Wrong. Depending on whether you have AWD, FWD, as welle as whether you’re a highway or a city driver, changes the amount of wear that each tire experiences. In general, your front tires will wear quicker than the rear tires, and the inside tires will wear faster than the outside tires – basically, your front left tire is constantly getting a beating. Changing your tires one at a time can be frustrating, confusing, and time consuming, but getting your tire rotation service near Lenexa, KS, regularly will prevent all of that. 


There’s a lot more that can contribute to uneven wear, including poor alignment or your tires being unbalanced. With so many components to take into account, it’s less stressful to let our highly trained technicians check off all of the boxes and make sure your Chevy is performing at tip-top shape. While your tires are getting rotated it also offers a good opportunity to take a look at your brakes, check the thickness of the pads, and determine when new ones might be needed. It’s also easy to schedule an appointment, whether you prefer to do in online, over the phone, or to just show up at our Service Department. We have convenient business hours and are open Monday to Saturday, so let us know what works best for you!

Molle Chevrolet is located at 411 NW Mock Ave. in Blue Springs, MO. Our personable staff members are always happy to chat and figure out just what your Chevy needs, whether that’s an AC booster or a tire rotation service near Lenexa, KS! We hope to see you soon!