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Oil Change Service near Lenexa, KS


When was the Last Time You Changed Your Oil? 

When did you get your last oil change? Don’t remember? It might be time for a checkup at Molle Chevrolet. Our highly trained technicians are capable of performing your oil change service near Lenexa, KS, and more, so stop by our Service Department and have us take a look!

If you’re interested in taking a hands-on method with your vehicle, it’s easy to check your oil consistency on your own. First, find your dipstick. Fresh oil will be thin and a honey amber color, while old oil will be thick, dark, and might look textured -- this means it needs to be changed as soon as possible. It turns gummy because, over time, oil degrades and the cocktail of additive chemicals that prevent rust, promote lubrication, and contain dispersants becomes less effective. Lack of proper lubrication can lead to friction and heat from metal rubbing against metal, which can cause a slew of other problems such as stunted performance and lowered fuel efficiency. Those issues may not be readily perceivable, but luckily there are a few that you’ll definitely notice. You may hear a clanging metal or a grinding sound emanating from under the hood or your check engine light might turn on – but hopefully, with regular checks, it won’t come down to that! 


Getting your oil change service near Lenexa, KS, regularly can prevent costly repairs in the future, and Molle Chevrolet offers three great ways to accomplish this routine task. Head on over to the Service tab and click Schedule Appointment. Input some basic information about you and your vehicle, what time and date works best for you, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also opt to give us a call at 877-858-1287 and schedule the appointment with one of our personable employees. Finally, always feel free to drive right up to our service department and we’ll do our best to get you in and out as quickly as possible. Our business hours are convenient, our prices are competitive, and your satisfaction is our top priority!

If you can’t figure out when you last had your oil change service near Lenexa, KS, drive right on over to Molle Chevrolet. We’re happy to take a look and let you know whether we think it’s time to get that filter and lubricant changed. Our oil changes also come with a multi-point inspection, fluid top-offs, and a carwash, which is always a nice bonus! We hope to see you soon!