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Oil Change Service in Blue Springs, MO


A Quick Service That Can Lead to Long-term Savings

If you’ve been avoiding getting an oil change service in Blue Springs, MO, you might want to reconsider putting it off any longer. While it may not seem like a major issue now, low or dirty oil can be detrimental to the proper operation of your engine. This could force you to replace the entire engine – a costly and more time-consuming project. Here at Molle Chevrolet, we strive to make the oil change process as simple as possible. Make an appointment with our service center today!

Knowing when to get your vehicle’s oil changed is often half the battle. Your warning light is not the best indicator to follow, as oftentimes it is already at a dangerous level before the light comes on, and it might not even be functioning properly in older models. Instead, go to your Owner’s Manual as the first resource. Every Chevy year and model has its own interval, however, personal driving habits should also be considered. If you are frequently towing heavy loads for work, driving extensively through extreme heat or cold, as well sitting idling in traffic, you should bring your vehicle in sooner. Many customers choose to keep it simple and bring their car, SUV, or truck in every six months. You can use our handy Ask a Tech form if you have any additional questions.

If you can’t remember when the last time you went to get an oil service in Blue Springs, MO, not to worry. Our talented team of certified technicians are trained to know exactly what your specific Chevy vehicle needs. They’ll take into account your driving patterns, as well as the current condition of the engine and set you up with a recommended service schedule. Not only will a fresh supply of oil keep your engine parts from rubbing together, ensuring that all the old oil is taken out will make sure you get the most from your service. Over time, even a moderate supply of old will get clogged with dust, rust particles, and other contaminants that actually corrodes the engine. Oil changes are an inexpensive way to ensure that your expensive engine is in the best condition possible every time you hit the road. 


Now that you know why you should get your oil changed, it’s time to take the next step! You can make an appointment right now on our Service tab, or give us a call at 877-858-1287. Check out our ongoing service specials and print out a coupon to stretch your hard-earned dollar even further. We also accept walk-ins if you happen to drive past us on your way home from Burr Oak Woods Nature Center.

Efficient service with a smile – that’s the Molle way! Make us your trusted choice for an oil change service in Blue Springs, MO. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Molle Chevrolet is committed to creating positive customer experiences every day.